Addiction is a pathological relationship to mood altering experience that has life damaging consequences.  Many people would like to stop addiction to drinking which has very severe effects to the health of a person. There are however many ideas and guidelines that one who would like to end this addition can use as the solution to this problem of drinking alcohol without undergoing or experiencing too much difficulties that can hinder one from completely quiting it. 

The tips at aimed at stopping the alcoholism or the addiction to alcohol can be the following.  Friends and other close people are the first people who act as a good solution to this problem by letting them know that you would like to give up on alcohol and end addiction. The reason as to why the friends and other people with a close relationship are important is because they will help in giving up alcohol by letting you participate in more and better activities and share their time with you especially the free time that may be used up in engaging in alcohol consumption and hence they are very important.  These could even the friends who you are used to drinking with as they will also stop inviting you for drinks and therefore are also very important.

It is also advisable that one ensures proper use of their free time as they can engage in other activities such as practising their hobbies which help to ensure that one do not get that time to drink.  One can also find advisory services here that help to explain on some of the things to be done in order to stop this addiction. 

In some situation restraining self from complete alcohol consumption may be difficult and hence it is advisable that one reduces the alcohol amounts that they are used to taking to small amounts until they completely stop this habit.   One can also use the alcohol drinks that are not heavy or have low contents  of content for it helps in ensuring that one completely achieves what they would like to.  It also good to use the other kinds of drinks such as the juices in place of alcohol for they can help also to ensure that the target is achieved.   In situations when one sets some money to be used in different activities, they should ensure that they do not set some money to cater for alcohol. Visit this website about addiction.